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About ePoch

ePoch is a brand first to bring Strolly Covers to India.
ePoch believes in the philosophy “Move on..”. It plans to bring in this philosophy in everything around, starting with ‘Travel’.

ePoch is a Social Idea of coming up with Innovative products meant for regular usage. It emphasizes on creating products of usability along with adding style to it.

ePoch came into being with the start of Autumn in September, 2015. Its first range of our products included Strolley Covers made out of a premium quality fabric. Initially it started selling its designs on the 3 big online retail giants – Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

ePoch has always been determined with the philosophy of ‘Moving on’, as it says in its Tag Line. Since its startup, the team at ePoch has been focused on improving the quality of its existing Catalog as well as adding more usable items to it. ePoch has been growing since its startup and foresees a long road in the Smart Future.

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  • Trade enquiries
    M/s Madhav INC.
    Mr. Anupam Bhatia (prop.)
  • 470, Bartan Market,
    Sadar Bazar, Delhi-110006
  • +91-9810820201
  • info@epochstore.com
  • for any other Queries :
  • Mr. Sahil Paul
  • Ph. +91 99 531 44050